What are the top-rated vegan eateries near Edinburgh Castle?

Edinburgh, Scotland's royal and fascinating city, isn't just home to the iconic Edinburgh Castle, but also a fantastic array of vegan eateries. Catering to the growing demand for plant-based diets, these restaurants offer a wide range of vegan options that burst with flavor and creativity. Whether you're a full-time vegan, a vegetarian, or a curious food adventurer, you'll find an array of venues that will make your culinary journey through Edinburgh unforgettable. Here, we'll explore the top-rated vegan eateries near Edinburgh Castle.

Holy Cow - The Vegan Burger Heaven

Situated just a stone's throw away from Edinburgh Castle on Elder Street, Holy Cow is an absolute must-visit for burger lovers. This cosy café charms with its rustic interior and laid-back atmosphere, but what really stands out is their fantastic vegan burger menu. Using only the freshest ingredients, they craft burgers that would make even the most committed carnivores reconsider their life choices.

Their signature "Cow Burger" - a succulent plant-based patty topped with homemade slaw, dairy-free cheese, and served with a generous side of sweet potato fries - is a crowd pleaser. For breakfast, they offer a vegan version of the classic Scottish breakfast that's every bit as hearty and satisfying as the original.

NovaPizza - A Vegan Twist on Italian Classics

Located on Howe Street, just a brief walk from the castle, NovaPizza brings a vegan twist to Italian classics. This quaint restaurant offers a wide array of plant-based options, transforming traditional Italian dishes into vegan delicacies.

Novapizza’s vegan menu is extensive, covering everything from starters to desserts. Their vegan pizzas, prepared with homemade dairy-free cheese and a variety of vegetable toppings, are a particular highlight. For pasta lovers, there are several options available, including a vegan lasagna that has received rave reviews.

Henderson's - A Pioneer in Vegan Dining

You can't talk about vegan food in Edinburgh without mentioning Henderson's, one of the city’s first vegetarian restaurants. Located on Hanover Street, Henderson’s offers a broad and creative vegan menu that draws in patrons from all over the city.

Henderson’s is famed for its inventive, seasonal menus, brimming with an array of fresh vegetables, grains, and legumes. Here, you can start your day with a vegan Scottish breakfast, complete with vegan haggis, or enjoy a leisurely lunch featuring dishes like their renowned mushroom and aubergine stroganoff.

David Bann - Upscale Dining with a Vegan Twist

For those looking to combine a love of plant-based food with a more upscale dining experience, David Bann is the perfect option. Located on St. Mary's Street, just a 10-minute walk from Edinburgh Castle, this restaurant specializes in gourmet vegetarian and vegan cuisine.

David Bann prides itself on its innovative menu that changes depending on the season. From vegan risotto to tofu stir-fry, each dish is exquisitely prepared and presented, making it a great place for special occasions or a fancy night out.

The Auld Hoose - Comfort Food, the Vegan Way

Tucked away on St. Leonard's Street, The Auld Hoose serves up comfort food with a vegan twist. This pub-style eatery is best known for its enormous vegan nacho plate, which has become somewhat of an Edinburgh legend.

The Auld Hoose offers an extensive vegan menu, featuring dishes like vegan hotdogs, chili, and even a dairy-free version of the classic sticky toffee pudding. The portions are generous, the atmosphere is welcoming, and the extensive beer list is the icing on the cake.

So, when in Edinburgh, make sure to explore the city's thriving vegan scene. These top-rated eateries offer not only a wide variety of plant-based dishes but also a unique experience that will make your visit to Scotland's capital even more memorable.

Paradise Palms - A Plant-Based Paradise

Just a 15-minute walk away from the grandeur of Edinburgh Castle, nestled on Lothian Street, you'll find Paradise Palms - a true gem among vegan restaurants. This quirky, colourful and tropical-themed restaurant bar and record store is widely celebrated for its innovative vegan options that are as tasty as they are visually appealing.

Paradise Palms has a diverse and extensive vegan menu, with each dish being creatively conceived and expertly prepared. The menu features a range of creative 'junk' food options, from loaded nachos to satisfyingly sticky BBQ jackfruit burgers. A standout is their 'Badass Vegan Platter' - a feast of vegan ribs, wings, and a host of other goodies that's big enough to share.

For dessert, Paradise Palms offers a mouth-watering selection of vegan sweet treats, including a decadent chocolate ganache tart and a creamy, dreamy banana split. And with an equally impressive selection of vegan cocktails, you're guaranteed to leave feeling satisfied and merry!

Seeds for the Soul - Blissful Vegan Brunch

A short bus ride away from the Edinburgh Castle, tucked into the heart of Bruntsfield, you'll find Seeds for the Soul. This vegan-friendly eatery is the perfect spot for brunch, offering a selection of delicious plant-based dishes that are both wholesome and hearty.

Seeds for the Soul's menu is a vegan dream, with an array of options that includes everything from smoothie bowls and avocado toast to vegan pancakes and a full English breakfast - all animal product-free, of course. Their 'Vegan Soul Bowl', a nourishing combination of fresh fruits, nuts, and granola, is particularly well-loved among locals.

Moreover, their commitment to organic, locally sourced ingredients, along with their laid-back, friendly atmosphere, makes Seeds for the Soul a must-visit for anyone on a vegan culinary adventure in Edinburgh.


Exploring the vegan food scene around Edinburgh Castle is an exciting culinary journey that everyone, not just vegans and vegetarians, should embark on. Restaurants such as Holy Cow, NovaPizza, Henderson's, David Bann, Paradise Palms, and Seeds for the Soul, each with their unique twist on plant-based cuisine, offer a tantalizing taste of Edinburgh's flourishing vegan scene.

Whether you're a lifelong vegan, a budding foodie looking to expand your palate, or simply a curious traveller wanting to explore the local culture, you'll find these eateries to be just the right spots to indulge in some of the best vegan food that Edinburgh has to offer. So, be sure to add these top-rated vegan eateries to your Edinburgh itinerary and prepare to be amazed by the delectable flavours and creativity of the vegan fare in this marvellous city.

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