What activities are available for teenagers on a UK-based cruise ship?

Going on a cruise is a thrilling experience for families, and many companies, such as Norwegian, MSC, Royal Caribbean, and Disney, offer a wide range of activities designed specifically for children and teens. This article will delve into the significant activities available for teenagers on UK-based cruise ships. We will cover the best, most exciting and engaging options that top cruise lines offer, focusing on onboard activities that will keep your teens entertained and ensure they have the most incredible cruise experience.

The Royal Caribbean Crusades

The Royal Caribbean cruise line's UK-based ships are renowned for the exciting activities they offer for teens. They understand that teenagers require unique, engaging, and entertaining options to keep them busy.

Among the favourite activities on board Royal Caribbean ships is the teen-only hangout areas. These places are designed to allow teenagers to socialise with others their age, away from their parents. They often include a variety of games and activities like air hockey, video games, and even interactive DJ classes.

Moreover, the Royal Caribbean offers onboard surf simulators, rock climbing walls, and even a full-size basketball court for the sporty teens. For those who prefer indoor activities, there are film screenings and teen-focused parties. The dining options are also vast, with a range of restaurants that cater to all taste buds, be it pizza, burgers, or gourmet meals.

Disney Cruises’ Teen-Friendly Approach

Disney cruises are known for their family-friendly atmosphere. They offer a realm of activities tailored to entertain teenagers. One of their most popular is the Vibe, a teens-only space that is designed to resemble a hip urban loft. Here, teens will find a variety of modern entertainment options, from video games to music mixing classes.

Disney also hosts themed parties exclusively for teens, such as the "Pirates of the Caribbean" night, where teens can dress up, enjoy themed activities, and even experience special fireworks. Another highlight is the Edge, a tween club for kids aged 11 to 14, offering various fun activities like scavenger hunts and dance parties.

Celebrity Cruises for the Young Stars

Celebrity Cruises offers a unique approach to teen activities, making them feel like the stars they are. The X Club, a teens-only lounge, provides an array of entertainment options, from video games and karaoke sessions to themed parties.

Furthermore, the Celebrity Cruises line offers a variety of workshops tailored for teenagers. They can participate in iTake video projects, where they learn to storyboard, shoot, and edit their own videos. For the aspiring chefs, there are cooking classes that not only teach them to cook but also educate them about nutrition.

The Family-Friendly MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises place a significant emphasis on family-friendly activities. They offer a dedicated teens club for those aged 12 to 17, where they can participate in a variety of activities, like sports competitions, dance contests, and gaming tournaments.

In addition, MSC Cruises provide a unique experience called MSC Dance Crew. Here, teens compete in dance battles, guided by professional dancers. There's also a Virtual World Arcade, a gamer's paradise loaded with the latest video games.

Norwegian Cruises for the Adventurous Teens

Norwegian Cruises offer a variety of teen-friendly activities designed to keep them entertained throughout the journey. Their Entourage Teen Club is a favourite among teenagers, offering a cool place to hang out, play video games, or watch movies.

For the adventurous teens, the Norwegian Cruise line offers a thrilling experience with their onboard Aqua Parks. These water parks include multi-story slides, a surf simulator, and even a ropes course. Additionally, they offer a variety of dining options, from poolside grills to formal dining rooms, ensuring that even the pickiest teen finds something they love to eat.

In conclusion, many UK-based cruise ships offer an extensive range of activities that cater specifically to teenagers. Whether your teens are into sports, video games, or even cooking, there's a cruise that will cater to their interests and ensure they have a memorable journey.

Exclusive Activities During Autumn and Winter Months

As the year progresses, cruise lines continue to offer engaging activities for teenagers. During October and November, teens can enjoy the vibrant colours of autumn on shore excursions. These trips allow them to explore various UK locations and participate in local activities. The Royal Caribbean and Disney Cruise lines, for instance, offer seasonal-themed parties and events that incorporate the unique aspects of the season.

Winter cruises, from December to February, offer a different kind of experience. Teenagers can enjoy the winter wonderland scenery from the decks or participate in onboard festive activities. Many companies, such as MSC Cruises and Norwegian Cruises, focus on seasonal pleasures. They organise winter-themed parties, movie nights featuring holiday classics, and even special New Year’s Eve celebrations for teenagers.

The Walt Disney company, in particular, goes all out during this season, transforming their ships into magical winter wonderlands. They offer a wide array of seasonal activities, such as gingerbread house making, holiday crafts, and even a special visit from Santa Claus.

Unique Spring and Summer Cruises

During the warm months of March to September, cruise lines offer various activities for teens that take advantage of the beautiful weather. For instance, during April and June, Norwegian cruise lines organise outdoor activities such as pool parties, outdoor cinema nights, and even water sports competitions.

In July and August, many cruise ships, including MSC cruises, offer beach-themed parties and shore excursions that allow teens to explore seaside towns and participate in water activities such as snorkelling and jet-skiing.

These seasonal activities, combined with the standard offerings, ensure that there’s never a dull moment for teenagers on UK-based cruise ships, irrespective of the time of year.


Cruising with teenagers can be a fantastic experience, with many cruise lines offering unique and engaging activities. From the fun-filled Teen Clubs of Royal Caribbean and Disney Cruises to the exciting Aqua Parks of Norwegian Cruises, there's no shortage of teen-friendly activities onboard. Thanks to the year-round offerings, including shore excursions and seasonal parties, every cruise from October to September is tailored to ensure teens have a memorable journey.

Whether your teens love video games, sports, cooking, or just meeting new friends, UK-based cruise ships make sure that they are well catered for. So, as you plan your next family cruise, consider these fantastic options. With so many activities on offer, your teens will not just be occupied – they'll be begging for the next cruise adventure!

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