Metronom Health The Critical Role of Metrology in Product Development

Founded in 2010, Metronom Health is an early-stage medical device company focused on developing innovative, opto-enzymatic continuous blood glucose monitoring technology for people with diabetes. Metronom’s proprietary technology is believed to provide very significant improvements over available Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) technologies, in terms of accuracy in the hypoglycemic range, reliability, user-friendliness, with lower prices to encourage a wider adoption and easier insurance coverage. The company is now at a crossroads in its short history, relying on a strong focus on engineering and R&D to develop a CGM product that meets the needs of users, as well as the people who live with it. occupy.

During the development process, Metronom recognized the critical role of metrology in R&D and production quality control for its CGM. When working at a scale difficult to image with traditional microscopes, Metronom discovered that 3D optical metrology specialist ZYGO was able to deliver the clarity it seeks, with features such as 3D height mapping and resolution capabilities that were more quantitative and deterministic than traditional microscopes. Metronom also found ZYGO’s metrology tools to be a key enabling technology that helped drive their product innovation by providing valuable insights into process components and components using easily collected data. configurable and flexible.

Gary C. Lisi