New Product Development in Taiwan: ROOTS Launches Innovative Apricot Kernel Drink in SIG Bricks

ROOTS of Quality Foods, an ambitious start-up from Taiwan, has launched its first herbal drink – a new drink made from apricot kernels from Asian apricot trees. This market innovation is offered in SIG’s combifitSmall 300ml carton pack, with the added benefit of SIG’s combiSmart resealable closure. This smart, winning combination provides convenience for on-the-go lifestyles and great shelf visibility.

This new product responds to changing consumer demand for healthier, more convenient and more sustainable beverages. ROOTS Apricot Kernel Drink has a rich, wholesome taste, with a slightly sweet and elegant aroma. By grinding the whole apricot kernel, ROOTS Apricot Kernel Drink provides a natural, indulgent and rich mouthfeel. ROOTS uses colloid mill technology to grind apricot kernels into very small pieces. In this way, all the nutrients and even the smallest fibers are preserved, which guarantees a creamy and pleasant drinking experience in all respects.

Filled in SIG’s stylish and unique cardboard packaging, the new drink is premium from the outside and inside. The cardboard packaging is very easy to open using the closure and offers great convenience. The closure can be re-closed so that the product is safely and hygienically protected until the next sip – at home or on the go.

ROOTS is committed to making products that respect the earth and the environment. SIG’s cardboard packaging is an excellent choice, as it is largely made from raw cardboard, which is obtained from wood which is a renewable resource. SIG obtains 100% of the cardboard used in SIG bricks as FSCMT-approved. ROOTS offers the market a fully recyclable beverage carton with a low carbon footprint.

To meet the specific needs of ROOTS, SIG worked with the Taiwan Food Industry Research and Development Institute (FIRDI) to develop a comprehensive solution. FIRDI supports product development with its comprehensive knowledge of recipes and processes. This speeds up the process of bringing product ideas to fruition and allows GIS customers to easily test ideas and concepts at reasonable costs. The starting point was made with a small-scale test filling on a SIG CFA 112 filling machine installed at FIRDI. Subsequently, ROOTS was able to rely on Sunnano’s co-packing services to fill the market-ready products. Sunnano helps premium brands pack high-quality products in combifitSmall cardboard packaging from SIG. The sloping upper part typical of combifit bricks and the centrally placed closure offer consumers an optimal drinking experience – filling volumes between 200 and 350 ml are possible.

John Ku, Country Manager Taiwan at SIG: “We are an aseptic carton solution provider. The flexibility of our filling technology enables Sunnano to successfully transition from brand owner to robust and reliable co-packer. Sunnano can not only fill standard products, but also innovative product developments in two different formats and multiple volume sizes on the same filling line. In close partnership, we turn the apricot kernel innovation of ROOTS into a commercial reality.

ROOTS foresaw the true benefit of apricot kernel and the emerging trend of herbal beverages. With product development and packaging innovation solutions, SIG supports ROOTS’ vision to deliver innovative products in the premium plant-based beverage segment.

Laura Liu, co-founder and CEO of ROOTS: “Consumers are no longer driven by price but by the promise of better health, quality and new experiences. This means they are willing to pay a premium price for added value and real nutritional benefits. ROOTS strives to keep pace with the demand for plant-based foods to create more innovative, sustainable and differentiated plant-based beverages. »

The first ROOTS apricot kernel drink was launched in December 2021. More delicious and healthy concept flavors will continue to be rolled out through various channels in 2022. More information:

Gary C. Lisi